Apply for Academy Trainee

There are three steps that you need to take to apply for the Academy:

  1. send your CV and cover letter to:
  2. attend an interview at the company's headquarters;
  3. take an online test.

After application, you will be contacted by our selection team as soon as possible.

Your benefits if you choose the For Future program academy:

  • we offer financial remuneration;
  • we offer access to the best trainers we have available;
  • we offer the opportunity for you to specialize according to the labor market requirements;
  • we offer access to professional and personal growth programs;
  • we offer the opportunity to gain applied experience in a highly sought-after field;
  • we offer the possibility to be employed indefinitely within the company;
  • we offer support in facilitating accommodation (rent) through the company for Republic of Moldova and Ukraine applicants;
  • we offer support in order to submit the legal documents necessary for employment in Galați – Romania.


  • You are able to physically attend classes;
  • You are willing to be legally employed within the company in Galati - Romania;
  • You know English (written/spoken comprehension);
  • You know Romanian (understanding).


  1. Minimum Knowledge of Front End and Back End, Graphic Design, Artificial Intelligence or Cybersecurity;
  2. Possibility to physically participate in classes;
  3. Willingness to be legally employed within the company from Galați - Romania;
  4. Knowledge of English (written / spoken understanding);
  5. Knowledge of Romanian language (understanding).

Application Form

Photo Curriculum Vitae* Cover Letter